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Italian and French also in progress. Let us know if you'd like to see it in another language :)

Little White Book Tarot is an Application for iPhone and iPod Touch available from Apple's App store.

With Little White Book, you can do a one, three or ten card (Celtic Cross) tarot reading using Touchstone Tarot.

Touchstone Tarot is the first deck created with the iPhone in mind, using expressive portraits to help you to get an intuitive feel for the meaning of the card beyond the short description given. As you become familiar with the faces, you will gain deeper insights into the meanings contained. They will become 78 friends you hold in your hand.

Tarot will not tell you what to do, it will just help you to think about your options. Your destiny is in your own hands.

Suitable for both beginners and those familiar with tarot.

LWB Tarot Features:

  • Simple interface
  • Choice of One, Three or Ten Card (Celtic Cross) Reading
  • Option to read with or without Reversals
  • Shake-to-Shuffle feature
  • Browse upright and reversed card meanings
  • Browse all cards in detail
  • Full sized cards can be used as iPhone wallpaper
  • Pop-Ups can be turned off once you are familiar with the functions.
  • Happy Squirrel card option
  • Featuring the stunning Touchstone Tarot deck by Kat Black.

9 January 2010: New features:

  • Save up to 50 readings in your journal
  • Question can be set to "optional" in preferences, to allow quick general readings
  • New Love Knot spread added, from companion book to Touchstone Tarot

Tarot is for entertainment purposes only.

Feedback is welcomed.

There is also a free Facebook App to send Touchstone Tarot cards to your friends.

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