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Little White Book Tarot has been designed by Kat Black, creator of the Touchstone Tarot and the Golden Tarot.

The Touchstone Tarot deck was created specially for digital use, although there is now a 'real' version published by Kunati also available.

Touchstone can also be used for socially-networked online readings at

Touchstone Tarot on Facebook

Add the Touchstone Tarot Gift App and you can send your favourite Touchstone Tarot cards to your friends on Facebook.

The stats are a bit wonky and the interface is littered with bullsh*t messages about 'friends (allegedly) challenging you to take an IQ Test' but hey, it's free.

As we didn't actually program it (it's just made with a free 'build your own gift app' service) our ability to support it or explain it's wonkiness is pretty limited.

You might also might like to join either the Touchstone Tarot Group, or Kat Black's Fan Page to keep up to date with Touchstone-related goings on on Facebook.

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Touchstone Tarot Facebook App

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