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What are Reversals? Should I use them?

In tarot a Reversal means a card that is upside-down. Whether you read with Reversals is optional. For some cards, traditionally reversed meanings can be the opposite of the Upright meaning, but for other cards it can just be the same meaning, but with less emphasis. You can turn this off in Preferences, or before you shuffle.

Can I save my Readings?

Yes you can save up to 50 readings. As iPods and iPhones have limited memory, the App may crash if you do many readings in one sitting without exiting the App.

Could you have more choices of Spreads?

As with the Saved Readings, we wanted to keep the App simple and not clutter it up too much. Since the One Card, Three Card and Celtic Cross Spreads are the most universal spreads, they were the ones we chose to include. We have now added the Love Knot Spread - especially designed for the Touchstone Tarot deck.

While there are other Apps that include many Spreads or even free-form layout, they are far less graphics intensive and more text-based. We wanted a more graphical interface, not lists and diagrams for layouts.

What is the Happy Squirrel?

The Happy Squirrel is a non-traditional card based on an episode of The Simpsons. See for more info. For a more traditional reading, just turn off the Happy Squirrel.

Do I have to ask a question?

In the current version 1.2, you can turn off the need to ask a question in Preferences.

More Questions?

Ask us some questions, and we'll answer 'em!


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