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To set a Saved image as an iPhone wallpaper follow these simple steps:

How much of the image that will show is demonstrated to the left.

1. Hit the Save button on the screen you wish to keep. (tip: If you want to save a screen that does not have a Save button, push the On button and then the Home button on your iPhone. The screen will flash white, and a Screenshot will be saved)

2. Close the App and go to your Photos (Sunflower icon at the bottom of your screen)

3. Go to Saved Photos

4. Select the image you want to use

5. Click on the icon in the bottom left

6. Choose Use As Wallpaper

7. Choose Set Wallpaper (tip: You can move and scale the image if you want to, although if you enlarge the image may go a little soft as it is already full sized)

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